New page!


I’m giving myself a swift kick in the ass to start making some kind of art work. I can’t keep making excuses like I don’t have the time or the space, I must work with what I’ve got. If I lived in my perfect world I would have money growing on trees and a studio where I would spend my days making lithographs. Right now at this very moment, that world does not exist. I live in a small house with two wonderful people and almost no storage space. Every square inch is used for living and my work space is the same table we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from. Time is of the essence as any parent of a young child will know and getting any kind of work done with that child pulling on your pant leg pining for attention can be a challenge.

I have never been much of a sketch book or journal keeper, but I think it could be the way to go at this point. It’s small and portable, easy to put away and a reasonable size to work with. I will make one page a day and set a time limit of no more then 30 min. Nothing precious and no pressure to create a finished work. I will post daily (that’s the goal) on the page titled Page A Day. Check it out!


5 responses to “New page!

  1. Sounds like a good goal to me. During the summer I was going to try to do 1 small collage a day. I did 3 decent sized ones and that was it. Maybe I should try again when it warms up but break it up into weeks – 1 week of collage, 1 week of watercolor, etc. But then again, maybe I won’t. 🙂

  2. Good for you! My goal is to pack a box a day 😉
    Actually my New Years resolution this year is to spend no more than $100 / week on groceries! So far, so good! Coupons make it a little easier. It’s kind of fun too! I only buy meat and veggies that are on sale and then I have to come up with a weekly menu for them. The best part is…. I only go to the grocery store ONCE a week! Not every other day. If we don’t have it or have run out, TOUGH LUCK! (unless it’s milk).

    I loved the collage(?) in your first “page a day”. What did you use… or, what was your medium?

  3. Paper and glue.

  4. I love the little pink circle shapes. sometimes the simplest shapes are the most gratifying. I started sketching a little each day~ish thanks to the boys almanac projects. It’s actually so easy and relaxing. Ok not so easy with a baby! he he. keep it up I’m enjoying!

  5. Oh, I’m falling behind already, and it hasn’t even been a week! I will have extra work for myself this week to catch up and keep up!!

    Thanks Alis, it is rather relaxing and fairly easy even with a baby (toddler) That’s what nap time is for 😉 I think working on a project like this, making things we enjoy helps to keep us sane!

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