Vintage knitting.


When I was a little girl my Nanny (mother’s mother) knit me one of these sweet duffel coats. (That’s a picture from the pattern book and not me, although it very well could have been a photograph of my sister and I with the age difference) I fondly remember it keeping me warm on crisp autumn days playing outside with the neighborhood kids. I believe it was knit with a soft fluffy natural colored yarn making it cozy and squishy. I always had the pattern in the back of my mind as something I would surely knit for the little person I wanted to have one day. I knew my mother had some of my Nanny’s old knitting patterns and this particular one was in the stash somewhere. Recently my mother had a look through them and found it! With all the other knitting projects vying for my attention I couldn’t help but ignore them and start this one right away.


I’m using Lopi wool which isn’t the softest, but it is thick and warm and will soften with wear and washing. Because the yarn is nice and thick and the needles are fairly large it is knitting up pretty fast. I love the color, a pinkish red with some tweedy flecks.

Frances is a very lucky girl, her Nanny (my mother) is also knitting her a very soft and fluffy jacket to keep her warm and cozy!


3 responses to “Vintage knitting.

  1. these coats are rediculously cute! I really want to knit one for my niece!

  2. Will you knit one for me too!?!?!?! I don’t remember that sweater. I remember the ones with that laced up the front. That was always my favorite.

  3. Frances IS a lucky girl. I bet that coat is going to look ever-so-cute. I love the pattern!

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