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Here and there.

So I have fallen behind on the deal I made with myself in regards to the page a day. While I find it easy to project an outward appearance of positive self assurance, this time of year can be somewhat of a trying span for me. It is by no means a depression, more of a humdrum funk that lacks inspiration. Once the Christmas bulbs come down the world around me seems to lack the colours I crave and thrive on. The frigid winters chill and impossible sidewalk conditions often keep us house bound and days merge together with little more then a wink. If I don’t grab the bull by the horns right this instant, by spring I will say goodness gracious me, where has time gone!

Julie sent me a link to an artist by the name if Rex Ray . I’ve never herd of him but his work feels so familiar. Thank you so much Julie, just the burst of colour needed to brighten and inspire! Collage is something I have often found enjoyable but never really explored in terms of art making, which actually isn’t true now that I think about it. I suppose chine cole could be considered collage in some form or another. My daily pages seemed to be falling into a collage a day and I think for a silly reason it made me uneasy. I felt like I should be exploring different mediums and not pigeon holing myself. But you know, collage feels so good to me right now. I’ve never drawn figuratively by choice, which isn’t to say I can’t as I often surprised myself with the drawings I pumped out while enduring foundation drawing. But I totally get off on the abstract. Shape, colour, texture and composition. Therefore I think collage is a perfect fit at this point and really, there is no shortage of paper in this house. So while I might get the off itch to pick up a pencil and sketch, I fully embrace the paper, scissors and glue to see where it might take me.

Barack Obama is in Ottawa today to meet with Stephen Harper. The total time for his stay in Canada is six hours and there will be no public appearance. Turn on the radio or any Canadian television station and one might think rock royalty is visiting. It’s pretty sad that as a country we cant get this jazzed by our own leader and had we been able to vote in the US election our 60% voter turn out might have been more like 80-90! Let me ask you Americans, did you know your leader flew the coop today!

I have become a bit of a Naan nut lately, with thanks to my sister and mother! I have such a pure and simple love for bread and Naan is easy enough to make frequently. I have followed one recipe from the Joy of Cooking and one from How to Cook Everything. Next time I will make some sort of hybrid at which point I will be able to post a recipe without feeling guilty about the whole copyright issue.


Six, six.


See how round she was. My sweet little babe. Glowing, so plump and healthy from the copious amount of mama’s milk consumed on a demanding basis. Content to snuggle in the arms of a willing loved one. Easy to please with a simple toy or object, all the while staying put in the same spot she was placed while mama could busy herself with domestic callings. The toothless grin and natural faux hawk have virtually departed my memory had it not been for this relapse in time. If I were to date this, by the scar on her head I would say last April. Oh and the cat, it’s not often this one gets so close but if you saw that sun ray calling wouldn’t you risk it!

Technically I wasn’t tagged, but Julie suggested I might like to play the game and I love taking part in these silly little things. It feels like a school assignment of sorts. I’m not going to tag anyone either, but if you feel like taking part and making a little assignment for yourself go to your 6th file folder of photos and post the 6th photo. Please leave me a link in my comment box so I can see what you come up with!



For the first time in many years, I finished knitting a sweater for myself! I’m quite pleased with the overall outcome. It fits well and has become my new favorite. It feels so good to have finished such a big project, I want to start another right away. If only I could narrow down the options!


Twenty five.

So I thought I was special when I was tagged on facebook by my sister to make a list of 25 random things about myself. Turns out I’m not so special because EVERYONE and their dog seems to be doing it. I thought about it and figured it could make for an interesting post and because my sister said such nice things about me I decided I would jump on the bandwagon and make my list here. So without further ado, 25 random things about me.

1- Sometimes I wish Margaret was my first name. (it’s my middle name) I feel more like a Margaret and I have never met a Jessica I liked. Well that’s not true there is one but she goes by Jessie. The few Jessica’s I have met have been real snotty bitches. Josh likes to make fun of Margaret and call me Margie or Peggy.

2- I like Hawaiian pizza the best. I think it’s the sweet and salty taste. Love the sweet and salty!

3-  When I was a kid I had a terrible fear of ants under my bed. I would lay awake with my imagination thinking there was a whole colony crawling around under there and I could never let my feet touch the floor. When I turned the light on they were all gone.

4- Again when I was a kid, I had terrible nightmares about an adult sized groundhog chasing me around the neighborhood. I believe it resembled the Easter rabbit you can visit at the mall.

5- I have lived in the same city my whole life. I’ve never had the desire to live anywhere else. I like it here and I’m just as happy to live vicariously through my world atlas. I am the only family member (that’s aunts, uncles and cousins included) in two generations to stick around and live where I was born.

6- That being said I get terribly homesick when I do travel. When I was little I had a really hard time going off to Girl Guide camp.

7- My grandmother hated gladiolas, she always told my mother that she better not have any at her funeral. My mother tells us the same thing, I feel terribly guilty when I see gladiolas and think how pretty they are.

8- People who meet me in my adult life say they have a hard time believing I could have been such an awful teenager. Do I really seem like a goody two shoes now? I was indeed a terrible teenager who gave my parents many sleepless nights. My father seems to think I will be paid back in full some day!

9- I really don’t want Frances to be an only child. Do we really need more money and a bigger space in order to have another?

10- Driving scares the shit out of me! I can’t explain why, it just does.

11- I have always been slightly jealous of my sister. She always seems SO happy. I’ve never seen her struggle (maybe she has but never showed it) and everything comes easy for her. Her life is so perfect. That said I am SO lucky to have a sister like her. I know if and when I ever need her she would do anything for me. I wish we lived closer, I feel like we could be really good friends now as adults and as much as I’ve always tried to be different we are so similar and I like that!

12- Have you ever heard of Fleet Foxes? I live under a rock and just discovered them on the CBC the other day. I’m listening to them as I make my list and think they are really good. Go check them out!

13- I am not a superstitious person but the number 13 makes me nervous.

14- I wish I could play the cello. I love the sound it makes, gives me goosebumps. Maybe someday I will learn.

15- I love talking to strangers. Yes yes, I know we are not supposed to do that but I have become a pretty good judge of character. If I am waiting for or riding the bus and someone strikes up a conversation I am more then happy to oblige and enjoy making idle chit chat. I don’t however enjoy making the small talk if I feel forced into it or I am in an awkward situation with that uncomfortable silence. My granny loved talking to people and often quoted Will Rogers (wonder if he’s any relation?) by saying  “A stranger is just a friend I haven’t met yet.” Unfortunately some idiot on Ravelry has abused and misused this quote and taken it to literally. That’s a whole other story!

16- I act like a wimp but I have a very high threshold for pain. Childbirth seems like a piece of cake to me now.

17- I have become less shy since becoming a mother. Being a mother gives me such a rush of confidence I never knew I had!

18- I have wanted a tattoo for many years now but the fear of my mother has gotten the better of me. She always told my sister and I how disappointed she would be if we did that to the beautiful perfect bodies she created. I wouldn’t have something stupid permanently inked into my body, I thought maybe a beautiful William Morris bird or floral motif. How could she get mad at that!

19- I like meeting new people and hearing about their life experiences. I like making new friends and finding similarities in our lives.

20- I don’t like phonies, posers and snobs and I really hate being taken advantage of.

21- I believe in quality over quantity. I would rather live a simple life with a few well made aesthetically pleasing items then live with a whole shit load of ugly, common, cheap crap.

22-I believe I had the worlds greatest childhood with two loving parents who patiently read to us, played with us and took us on fun trips to look at art. I hope Frances thinks the same when she is an adult.

23- The real world scares the shit out of me.

24- I get crazy vertigo just from watching tall heights and weird angles on tv. I think I might be a little scared of heights.

25- I still sleep with my baby. I really believe that Josh and I have created a strong amazing bond with her because of this. How wonderful is it to wake up next to that beautiful smiling face every morning!

I love my shirt!


Do you have a shirt that you really love,
One that you feel so groovy in ?
You don’t even mind if it starts to fade,
That only makes it nicer still.
I love my shirt, I love my shirt,
My shirt is so comfortably lovely.
I love my shirt, I love my shirt,
My shirt is so comfortably lovely.
Do you have some jeans that you really love,
Ones that you feel so groovy in ?
You don’t even mind if they start to fray
That only makes them nicer still.
I love my jeans, I love my jeans,
My jeans are so comfortably lovely.
I love my jeans, I love my jeans,
My jeans are so comfortably lovely.
When they are taken to the cleaners,
I can’t wait to get them home again.
Yes, I take ’em to the cleaners
And there they wash them in a stream,
Scrub a rub dub dub
And there they wash them in a stream –
Know what I mean.
Do you have some shoes that you really love,
Ones that you feel so flash in ?
You don’t even mind if they start to get some holes in
That only makes them nicer still.
I love my shoes, I love my shoes,
My shoes are so comfortably lovely.
I love my jeans, I love my jeans,
My jeans are so comfortably lovely.
I love my shirt, I love my shirt,
In fact I love my wardrobe.
I love my shirt, I love my shirt,
My shirt is so comfortably lovely.
I love my shirt, I love my shirt,
My shirt is so comfortably lovely.


Just when I had come to terms with the loss of my shirt, there she was all scrunched into a ball at the bottom of my closet. Can you imagine how happy I must be!? Do you have a favorite shirt?

I Love My Shirt by Donovan

A snappy day.


It was feeling very much like a cookie day today. Out came the Joy of Cooking and my finger ran through the extensive list to land on Ginger Snaps. I have always loved Ginger Snaps, especially my mothers. I decided to relive some of the joys from my childhood and I set out to make what I thought was going to be a flat, crispy, chewy and zingy cookie. Not so! These babies were thick, round and cakey. They taste alright but not what I was expecting, it’s like eating a hermit without all the dried fruit and nuts. Now mother, please tell me how you make my favorite Ginger Snaps.

I feel as though I have hit the winter doldrums. It’s so damn depressing this year. I don’t mind snow, in fact I rather like snow. It is so pretty when it falls and blankets everything and getting out and walking in it isn’t so bad either. The problem is that it never just snows. In these parts it always warms up, turns to rain then freezes again turning everything to ice which is near impossible to walk in even with Yaktrax. Now I know how old people feel. To top it all off, the damn groundhog wimped out this year when it saw the shadow!

It’s a good thing I have such a great kid to spend these long cold days with.


That girl is developing into such a sweet little person before my very eyes! Loves to hug and snuggle and give kisses. She is very polite, often saying please and sometimes she will share her snacks. She loves to be tickled. Teekol, teekol, teekol she says asking for it as she squirms away. She likes to hold on to the cats tails and tickle her face with the tips. Loves the radio and listening to music, she also likes it when I sing to her and always asks for songs especially when we are out walking. Passers by must think we are funny singing silly songs. We really like to sing I Had a Rooster by Pete Seeger. I sing all the words and Frances does the animal sounds, she is really good with the rooster! Cooking is her new passion and she is happy to putter around with a selection of kitchen utensils making tea, sushi and pizza. Oh good gracious me, I love this kid!