A snappy day.


It was feeling very much like a cookie day today. Out came the Joy of Cooking and my finger ran through the extensive list to land on Ginger Snaps. I have always loved Ginger Snaps, especially my mothers. I decided to relive some of the joys from my childhood and I set out to make what I thought was going to be a flat, crispy, chewy and zingy cookie. Not so! These babies were thick, round and cakey. They taste alright but not what I was expecting, it’s like eating a hermit without all the dried fruit and nuts. Now mother, please tell me how you make my favorite Ginger Snaps.

I feel as though I have hit the winter doldrums. It’s so damn depressing this year. I don’t mind snow, in fact I rather like snow. It is so pretty when it falls and blankets everything and getting out and walking in it isn’t so bad either. The problem is that it never just snows. In these parts it always warms up, turns to rain then freezes again turning everything to ice which is near impossible to walk in even with Yaktrax. Now I know how old people feel. To top it all off, the damn groundhog wimped out this year when it saw the shadow!

It’s a good thing I have such a great kid to spend these long cold days with.


That girl is developing into such a sweet little person before my very eyes! Loves to hug and snuggle and give kisses. She is very polite, often saying please and sometimes she will share her snacks. She loves to be tickled. Teekol, teekol, teekol she says asking for it as she squirms away. She likes to hold on to the cats tails and tickle her face with the tips. Loves the radio and listening to music, she also likes it when I sing to her and always asks for songs especially when we are out walking. Passers by must think we are funny singing silly songs. We really like to sing I Had a Rooster by Pete Seeger. I sing all the words and Frances does the animal sounds, she is really good with the rooster! Cooking is her new passion and she is happy to putter around with a selection of kitchen utensils making tea, sushi and pizza. Oh good gracious me, I love this kid!


4 responses to “A snappy day.

  1. My two favorite thing to do these days:
    1. Cook with Andrew. When Nathaniel and Daddy are doing homework, Andrew and I make dinner together. Tuesday is our favorite – homemade pizza night!

    2. Singing “I won’t grow up” from Peter Pan with Nathaniel. I swear all the Mom’s at school think I’m a nut job! And I too have been know to strike up “Oh I had a little rooster” in the middle to the grocery store too…. it’s too catchy not to!

    It’s not the snow that gets me down, it’s this darn cold weather!!!! It’s even too darn cold to walk to school… and I’m Canadian! I even invested in warm lined boots this year!

    I have an idea…. why don’t you and Ms. F. come for a visit and we can commiserate together and bake cookies and Naan all day! Just beware, you can not say the “t-word” that rhymes with nickle in our house…. or two little monsters will get you!

    I miss you guys something fierce… especially when I see those sweet photos of Ms. Sweetness!

  2. Frannie sounds like the sweetest little girl. I think you should come and visit before Sara moves so I can meet her. 😉

    And I, too, am quite put out with that Groundhog. Mike and I moved into this house March 3rd, about 7 years ago and it was GORGEOUS! Definitely an early Spring that year. I don’t think we’ve had once since.

    It was 9 degrees this morning. YOWZA!

  3. Spice Crinkles
    (my great grandmother’s recipe)

    3/4c butter (though I only did 1/2c yesterday and they’re awesome)
    1c brown sugar
    1 egg, beaten
    1/4c molasses
    2 1/4c flour
    1 tsp salt
    2 tsp soda
    1/2 tsp cloves
    1 tsp cinnamon
    1 tsp ginger

    Mix, cover, chill overnight or a couple of hours. Shape into balls, roll in sugar, press with fork. Bake 7-8 min (it’s very specific if you want a chewy cookie).

    I usually just cook them until the outside edges are JUST starting to cook, because I like a really soft cookie.

    I also often just roll them, squish them with my hand and then coat them in sugar, instead of doing the fork thing. I also like my cookies flat though.

    I made a big batch yesterday and they’re literally nearly gone. SO good. 🙂

  4. Looking through your “Page a day”. Love the boat scene…. wonder where you got the inspiration for that!?!!? I liked the snow in it too! Or is that soot from the smoke stacks (ha ha!).

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