For the first time in many years, I finished knitting a sweater for myself! I’m quite pleased with the overall outcome. It fits well and has become my new favorite. It feels so good to have finished such a big project, I want to start another right away. If only I could narrow down the options!



4 responses to “Satisfaction.

  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that sweater!

    I’ve got a project for you…..
    Will you make me one of those sweaters in red or pink 😉

    I want one of those neck wrap things you always wear too…. while you’re at it!

  2. Jessica ~ It’s nice to finish something and want to make more. It’s like an epiphany fraught with elbow grease and satisfaction. I lapsed in checking the page of the day. I’m back. I’ve been thinking about drawing projects in respect to this…thinking.
    + Alis

  3. Super snazzy! I love the neck.

    Oh, and I meant to say, in response to the last post, I have two other friends named Jessica and they are both lovely women.

  4. Sara, I’m a one trick pony… but a neck warmer/ wrap I can do!!

    Alis, I have had a bit of a lapse in posting on page of the day. I find it hard to be inspired during this time of the year, perhaps I should live somewhere warmer!
    It would be fun to see some of your creative process 🙂

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