Six, six.


See how round she was. My sweet little babe. Glowing, so plump and healthy from the copious amount of mama’s milk consumed on a demanding basis. Content to snuggle in the arms of a willing loved one. Easy to please with a simple toy or object, all the while staying put in the same spot she was placed while mama could busy herself with domestic callings. The toothless grin and natural faux hawk have virtually departed my memory had it not been for this relapse in time. If I were to date this, by the scar on her head I would say last April. Oh and the cat, it’s not often this one gets so close but if you saw that sun ray calling wouldn’t you risk it!

Technically I wasn’t tagged, but Julie suggested I might like to play the game and I love taking part in these silly little things. It feels like a school assignment of sorts. I’m not going to tag anyone either, but if you feel like taking part and making a little assignment for yourself go to your 6th file folder of photos and post the 6th photo. Please leave me a link in my comment box so I can see what you come up with!


3 responses to “Six, six.

  1. I LOVE this photo. For one this – how cute is Frannie? For another – I love the cat in the sun spot. I’m a cat person. My own cat kinda drives me crazy – but there are so many things I love about cats and one of them is hanging in the sun spot.

  2. Hey Jessica – Do you know Rex Ray? He does very cool paper collages that remind me a little of some of your work. Check him out.

  3. look at that awesome cat snoozing in the patch of sun on the pink and blue batik! Babies are so oblivious to poetry, even when it is happening next to them. he he.

    Ya this post involves math and my file folders which are both scary subjects.

    Good for you for trying it anyway.

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