Here and there.

So I have fallen behind on the deal I made with myself in regards to the page a day. While I find it easy to project an outward appearance of positive self assurance, this time of year can be somewhat of a trying span for me. It is by no means a depression, more of a humdrum funk that lacks inspiration. Once the Christmas bulbs come down the world around me seems to lack the colours I crave and thrive on. The frigid winters chill and impossible sidewalk conditions often keep us house bound and days merge together with little more then a wink. If I don’t grab the bull by the horns right this instant, by spring I will say goodness gracious me, where has time gone!

Julie sent me a link to an artist by the name if Rex Ray . I’ve never herd of him but his work feels so familiar. Thank you so much Julie, just the burst of colour needed to brighten and inspire! Collage is something I have often found enjoyable but never really explored in terms of art making, which actually isn’t true now that I think about it. I suppose chine cole could be considered collage in some form or another. My daily pages seemed to be falling into a collage a day and I think for a silly reason it made me uneasy. I felt like I should be exploring different mediums and not pigeon holing myself. But you know, collage feels so good to me right now. I’ve never drawn figuratively by choice, which isn’t to say I can’t as I often surprised myself with the drawings I pumped out while enduring foundation drawing. But I totally get off on the abstract. Shape, colour, texture and composition. Therefore I think collage is a perfect fit at this point and really, there is no shortage of paper in this house. So while I might get the off itch to pick up a pencil and sketch, I fully embrace the paper, scissors and glue to see where it might take me.

Barack Obama is in Ottawa today to meet with Stephen Harper. The total time for his stay in Canada is six hours and there will be no public appearance. Turn on the radio or any Canadian television station and one might think rock royalty is visiting. It’s pretty sad that as a country we cant get this jazzed by our own leader and had we been able to vote in the US election our 60% voter turn out might have been more like 80-90! Let me ask you Americans, did you know your leader flew the coop today!

I have become a bit of a Naan nut lately, with thanks to my sister and mother! I have such a pure and simple love for bread and Naan is easy enough to make frequently. I have followed one recipe from the Joy of Cooking and one from How to Cook Everything. Next time I will make some sort of hybrid at which point I will be able to post a recipe without feeling guilty about the whole copyright issue.


4 responses to “Here and there.

  1. 1. I wouldn’t let “shoulds” be clouding the inspiration or drive for your page a day. Do whatever you feel like doing. If you’re digging the collage – collage away!!! Eventually you’ll be all about the charcoal or pastel. It comes and goes.

    2. Yes, I did know Obama was in Canada today, thank you very much. He was discussing the American/Canadian trade agreement. Eh.

    3. I did three Rex Ray inspired collages for my November art show. They were small though – 8X10’s. They didn’t get any notice at all. I was kinda surprised b/c I really liked them. But then my mother-in-law saw them in my basement and she liked them. So she’s going to buy them. (Thumbs up.)

    Abstract is difficult for me b/c I have always work representationally. (Is that a word. Realistically?) Anyway – a cow looks like a cow. But I enjoyed changing my process up. It was scary and exciting.

  2. I always follow my heart when it comes to mediums. Right now my (pause, great blue heron just flew over) medium of choice is fluid ink and a good brush. I’ve been thrilled to find Live Trace in Adobe Illustrator. Who knew that a digital tool would motivate me.

    I recall the cold times in New England as being good for internal work, all that paper sounds just right for mid winter reflection.

  3. PS – I think you can post a recipe as long as you say where you got it from. You’re not selling it and you’re not saying you created it. If you know the cookbook it’s from, add a link to it. I think the author would be happy you did.

  4. Auntie Sayer

    I like the new art! Especially the red drops w/the blue dots! I should commission you to do some art for my bathroom….

    ….speaking of…. what happened to those prints you were going to give me….

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