“Where is she?”

Is what Frances frequently asks while she is searching for something, to which she will reply upon finding whatever it is “here she’s”.

Well, we had our first major cold last week and that pretty much took the wind out of my sails. We’ve been extremely lucky, really, to have made it this far without much more then a sniffle. Those sleepless nights with a small child full of snot aren’t very fun, not to mention nursing the poor thing back to sleep! Glad that’s all behind us, spring is almost here and the sun is shining so brightly through our windows!


Wow, this girl is growing so big, and changes every day. Our conversations are becoming a little less one sided, we understand each other so well. Playtime is really becoming fun and more interactive. It involves a lot of cooking, cleaning and feeding the animals and baby dolls. Not hard to see who she imitates! I love watching her go about her business, she is such a nurturer, my little mama bear!

Isn’t it exciting to watch the self confidence emerge. This same tiny girl who just recently would not leave her mothers side much less let me out of her sight is now so happy to skittle around exploring her world. When we go tho the library she could care less about me except to check in every now and again to say ” here I am mom!” I am glad she feels comfortable to scout about, knowing that I will be there when she needs me.

Word are beginning to string together; feed self, wash face, stir soup… sometimes even three words make it in there! With a little help Frances can sing Bah Bah Black Sheep and Frera Jacques. Books are still a constant source of entertainment. We have finally graduated to paper books which comes as a great relief to me, now we can get into something with a bit more substance. Her attention span is growing longer, so we can get through something like Green Eggs and Ham without any squirming.

Here’s something funny, I have made pizza maybe 4-5 times, the first few times she wasn’t interested in it at all but now it is her favorite food. When she is asked what’s for dinner, the reply is always pizza! What is it with kids and pizza?


2 responses to ““Where is she?”

  1. Auntie Sayer

    yup! Andrew and Pizza… he’d eat it every night… not a bad idea though if you make whole wheat and add some veggies… got all the food groups! But, then he wouldn’t develop a more refined palate….

    I can’t believe Ms. F. is talking! Can you video tape some of your conversations and put them up on the blog???

  2. Pizza is awesome. I don’t throw around the word “favorite” very often, but I do thin it is my favorite dinner. We have this place in town called, Harry’s, Best Pizza Ever. Of course, we don’t teat there anymore b/c of the diet. But the pizza I make is still good.

    Cam when through a stage where he loves spaghetti and red sauce. Then he hated red sauce. Then, a year later, he loved it again.


    I’m so glad Frannie is feeling better. Sick kids are rough on everyone. You feel so bad for them, and , at the same time, you are so exhausted yourself.

    Sounds like she has a good, strong immune system though. So hopefully she won’t get sick a lot.

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