Time for a haircut!

For the same reason I dislike small babies dressed up like adults, I am not crazy about very young girls with hair baubles and barrettes. I think they are impractical and uncomfortable. I like for a small child to move freely, unencumbered by silly frills and fancies. Nothing drives me more crazy then watching a baby learning to crawl in a fancy dress, only to become tangled and tripped up by the inhibition some crazy person thinks is cute. Don’t ever get me started on those hideous garter belts often seen on the heads of bald babies, I can’t help but feel utter embarrassment for the poor tots!

So after many well meaning suggestions on the use of clips in Franny’s longish growing hair I decided it was time for a haircut. Josh wasn’t so sure about cutting her lovely little tresses but after the job was done he agreed that she looked ever so sweet with it tidied up in the back. Well I couldn’t leave well enough alone, so this morning I decided the bangs could also use a little trim. I may have taken a little more off then intended, but they will grow back. I have to say though, her beautiful face really shines without all that silly hair it the way!!



6 responses to “Time for a haircut!

  1. hahah, aww, the ladies at our playgroup will be sad they can’t play with her hair anymore! 😉 she looks wonderful!

  2. Auntie Sayer

    She looks SOOO sweet! I think you gave her a nice cut! (love the sweater too….)
    Are those crayons she’s playing with?

  3. Yeah for awesome haircuts! I hope you saved the locks.

  4. I love those little bangs!

  5. WOW!
    Your blog is amazing. I’m so impressed with the beautiful pictures. I can’t wait to read all the entries. Later on though, as right now I’m heading to bed to fight off a cold… in Vancouver you know the seasons are changing when everyone is sick again…

  6. Seth got a hair cut today. On the way there I was thinking about how dry and straw like his hair is these days. It’s funny how quickly they outgrow the baby softness on all counts!

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