Knitwit twit twit.

I have been on some tangents lately. The first one has to do with knitting, the second one I will tell you about another day.

After perusing Ravelry in a mindless way looking for something to catch my fancy, I kept returning to this silk kerchief. When I checked out all the beautiful variations other people had produced I felt the need to knit one myself.


Now for those of you who are not in the knitting know, yarn is now made to self pattern or stripe. Yes, even knitting can be made lazy. Just cast on,  knit knit knit, and the yarn does all the work for you. I have a love hate for this yarn myself, it always looks very beautiful and seductive all skeined up so neatly, but when it’s knit up I find it to be slightly gaudy. As much as I enjoy color, I feel like I am more of a plain Jane. When I began knitting I kept wondering to myself, do I really liked what I’m seeing. I found myself excitedly waiting to see what color emerged from the ball next and well, maybe I could like what was happening. When I finished working the main garter stitch pattern I added a lace border.

Our Sunday afternoon knitters club had a bit of a knit along with the same project. It was fun to see how diverse the same pattern could end up just by using different colors and borders. Check out missknits lovely picot edge!

So, whether I really liked the final outcome or not, I loved knitting it so much that I started another one right away!



6 responses to “Knitwit twit twit.

  1. Sweet. I’ve been figghting the urge to make another one, but I might have to give in. I’ll see if I can hold off just a little longer. Gotta finish my mittens!

  2. Auntie Sayer

    You’re making another one…. for me ; ) (pink is one of my colours…..)

    I have GOT to finish Julie’s Hat! I really really want to and I know once I restart it, I will LOVE LOVE knitting again and get the bug….. now that there’s nothing to do these days but sit and wait…. and eventually pack some boxes! And there is NOTHING on television worth watching!

  3. My head’s getting really cold. I wish I had a hand knit hat. Oh well. Spring is right around the corner I guess.

    I love your kerchief. That’s an awesome color green. Fabu!

  4. Hey Jess – I thought I’d jump over here and answer your Top Model question. I’m watching it this year, but I’m not blogging about it.

    My early favorite is Fo. I think the freckles and the short hairdo are super cute. I think she has the potential to be edgy AND Cover Girl commercial. And, starting off by annoying the judges means that they know who you are AND you can go up. Sometimes the girls that start so strong have no room to grow.

    And I’m glad “I’m-so-pretty” Jessica is gone. (Hey, there’s one of those nasty Jessica’s you were talking about before.) I didn’t care for her.

    That said, I thought that was a tough shoot without giving the girls any training at all!

    Do you have an early favorite?

  5. Auntie Sayer

    So, regarding Ms. Julie’s photos… do you think a skate board is in order for this years #7 birthday? I’m leaving that decision up to you and Josh…. whenever you think he’s ready!

    Beautiful weekend here – lots of outside playing! Nice to be able to walk to school again! I’m jealous of your clothes line…. maybe in my next house!

  6. That is really fascinating. Sort of a vintage, seaweed vibe. Frilly and practical at the same time.

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