…one a penny, two a penny…


I have just come to the conclusion that Easter is my favorite holiday. I think I have always known this to be true, but somehow it took a little pondering over dough kneading.

Unlike Christmas which leaves one feeling a bit sick and tired by the time it finally arrives and waking up with an anticlimactic hangover the following morning, Easter sneaks up like a surprise. It always feels so fresh and new, spring is just beginning and in these parts the crocuses are starting to show themselves. Sure Hallmark likes to do its part for the economy, but it isn’t marred by consumerism the way other holidays are. I also like the fact that the Easter mascot is a big bunny rabbit, much cooler then some old guy with a beard don’t you think? When you wake up on Christmas morning everything is right there under the tree, but on Easter morning there is a hunt for treats and treasures!

So I am extremely excited about playing the roll of Easter bunny this year. We have told Frances the bunny will be visiting and this is the conversation we’ve been having:

Frances-“Easter bunny coming, see you”

Mommy- “Yes, the Easter bunny is coming to come see you. When is the Easter bunny coming?”

F-“Next week. Eggs.”

M-“Yes, next week and the Easter bunny will bring eggs.”

F-“Jelly beans!” (thanks Nanny!!)

and this conversation replays many times throughout the day!

Today I baked hot cross buns. I had been thinking about baking bread all week but never seemed to stay put long enough to do so. This morning I awoke to a feverish child, so I took the opportunity to stay home and putter around in the kitchen while she zonked out in front of Sesame Street. Poor thing!



3 responses to “…one a penny, two a penny…

  1. Auntie Sayer

    Poor Ms. F! Hope she’s feeling better for the rabbits visit (and the jelly beans!). No one in my house likes jelly beans (except me)! So, I didn’t buy any this year!

    Guess I better fire up my bread maker and get going on the hot cross buns (minus the raisins. … my favorite part!)

    Off to stuff plastic eggs for our annual Vanderbuilt park egg hunt!

    P.S. Does Ms. F. have a favorite Sesame Street character?

  2. The buns look beautiful! And I concur on Easter as a favourite holiday, though I also find that some years, like this, it just passes, nearly unnoticed (though I did buy eggs for my mom and vice verca). But who doesn’t love bunnies and chocolate eggs! And hunts! It’s been two years since I organized a proper egg hunt – the last took place in the middle of a desert in the south of Bolivia, at 5am! After which we got in the jeep and passed spouting geysers and watched the sun rise from within a hot spring! It’s warmer, however, in Toronto than it was there, sunnier too. Also the, oh so sweet, photo of Frances sleeping reminds me that I don’t know if I remembered to mention that it was actually my mother who saw and bought Frances that little green sweatshirt….so you know 🙂 Happy Easter! xo, Caitlin

  3. Oh man. Poor Frannie – but that shot of her on the couch is great. Easter completely snuck up on my this year and I was unprepared. We did have an awesome Easter Egg hunt with the neighborhood gang and that was great. This year, I bought some wooden eggs for us to paint. I’ll have to post those.
    Your hot crossed buns look AMAZING!

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