“Easter bunny came!”


Well, after all the chatter over the Easter Bunny, is he coming, when will he come and what will he bring (jelly beans!) he (she, it, whatever you prefer) did indeed come. Not only did he bring a small chocolate treat (yet to be consumed), a lovely tea set made from recycled plastic milk jugs, he also brought Frances and I a wonderful cold! Not to dwell on the negative, but it sure isn’t much fun to care for a sick child when you are feeling logy yourself. Thank goodness for husbands! We did manage to enjoy each others company while Frances made us pots of delicious Easter egg tea. There was also the traditional Easter supper happily cooked by my mother, leg of lamb and asparagus with butter and toaster bread crumbs. How can something so simple taste so good! And trifle for dessert, hands down one of my favorite desserts!!


5 responses to ““Easter bunny came!”

  1. I’m so glad you have that tea set! I almost bought it the other day, thinking of Frances šŸ™‚ Hope you’re feeling better and that the crocuses are coming up!


  2. Auntie Sayer

    Reminds me of the tea set we had as kids. Are you going to put some Tang in her tea pot?
    Hope you guys are feeling better…nothing worse than a sick Mama…but you pull through and before you know it, you’re all better and can’t even believe you felt so awful!
    Off to Maryland…. send us good house hunting vibes!

  3. Auntie Sayer

    P.S. Love the egg/money hunt! How sweet! Did the bunny bring anything for you and Josh?

  4. I will never regret that Cameron is a boy – but seeing you and Frannie on the floor in your pinks and reds made me wish, just a teensy bit, that I had a little girl to have tea with.

    So freakin’ sweet.

    Hope you both get over your colds super-quick!

  5. Auntie Sayer

    Hope you have a great day! And I hope you get over your mocus real soon too!
    Wish I was there to take care of sweet Ms. F. for you…. we could make you tea!

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