Thirty five and still cool!


I celebrated my 35th birthday last weekend. 35, wow, if you’re in your 30’s that’s like half way to 40! That is a scary concept for a girl still living vicariously in her 20’s. 28 to be exact!

I measure the success of adult life by the type of couch a person owns. While I dream about owing a custom upholstered red settee, we still snuggle up on an old futon. Suits us just fine but feels rather callow. I guess this sums up my feelings about where I stand in life. I have always been a dreamer and tend to live by the Peter Pan philosophy. I am 100% happy with who and where I am but I have great difficulty relating to my contemporaries.

Josh recently told me I was cool. Not just like oh Jessica, you’re cool, but like in the most sincere and genuine way ever (and before all my friends and family jump down to the comment section to say the same, that’s not what I’m after). I think when you become a mother you loose part of yourself, it’s unavoidable, you’re so busy making other people happy and comfortable. It was rather nice to hear someone so near and dear tell me that I as a person, not as a wife or a mother, was really very cool.

The birthday celebrations were pretty low key. My cold developed into a sinus infection for which I am still taking antibiotics. My mother cooked a wonderful dinner with some of my favorite comfort foods, meatloaf and homemade mac and cheese. My mom makes really really good meatloaf. There was also the traditional lambie cake with candles and all!


7 responses to “Thirty five and still cool!

  1. I’m way late but Happy Birthday!

    Also, I don’t own a couch, what does that mean?

  2. Auntie Sayer

    Glad you had a nice birthday and are not too traumatized by turning 35….
    I never did make it to the post office this week…. I promise that it will do it on Wednesday (A. has a playdate with a bunch of his buddies…)
    And, just for the record, I’ve always thought you were the coolest!

  3. Auntie Sayer

    p.s. You’re so hip you can’t see over your pelvis!

  4. I love that pic of you, Jessica. You look like someone who is happy with who she is.

    Sorry you have a sinus infection – that is no fun. But I hope you are over it soon and have a wonderful year being 35. I think you can always feel young when you have an older sister. 🙂

  5. Auntie Sayer

    HEY!!! Just you wait, Julie…..

  6. happy birthday!!!

  7. happy belated birthday jess!and josh is right on the money! you are the epitome of cool.

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