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Pit stick


Well if you didn’t already have me pegged as some kind of woolly free-range type then this might seal the deal, homemade deodorant. I don’t know if scientists have ever made the connection between commercial deodorant/ antiperspirant and breast cancer, but think about where you put that stuff, pretty much right next to your boob. It sure freaks the heck out of me! I have tried a few different brands of the natural stuff available mostly from health food stores, and Tom’s of Maine which I think you can now find in most drug stores. Tom’s I liked the best, but found it a little wet and soapy upon application. Recently I came across the Angry Chicken’s recipe for deodorant. It looked easy and seemed to work well for her, so I hunted around town for the ingredients I didn’t have and I whipped some up. This stuff is the bees knees! I have been using it for about a month now and think I smell pretty great. (What do you think Josh?) I used lavender oil and with the cocoa butter there is a hint of chocolate, very nice.


Forget me not

forget me not1

They seem to be everywhere, which is just fine with me. They always remind me of the times I would help my mother in her garden. We would pull them all out when they went to seed and shake them back into the garden for the following spring. I now do the same, with the help of little Frances who would be happy to spend the whole day outside picking them. Yesterday my neighbour called them weeds, but I have a hard time thinking of them in such a way.

forget me not2

With the warm weather teasing us every now and again I decided my little forget me not was in need of a new summer skirt. Today I whipped up a Lazy Days Skirt by oliver + s (check out the absolutely adorable patterns they make!) It was so simple and took no time at all. Frances was very excited when she woke up from her nap this afternoon to a pretty new skirt! It was a little chilly today so she wore it over her pants, very art school chic. I am definitely going to make more.

forget me not3

I can’t begin to tell you how happy this sunshine is making me. Frances and I have been out enjoying it every minute we can, visits to the playground, tea parties, gardening and even long walks and errands have become more pleasurable.

Pitching for mothers


I hope all the mothers had their perfect day yesterday. I had some pleasant time with my family and some pleasant time away from them. Time spent knitting and chatting with miss knit, always a welcome break from my full time momminess. I received a much appreciated pitchfork, for which I had left a few subtle hints, what more could a mother want?! Maybe next year some pruning sheers to work out some of that mop on my head!!

It has sprung!


Spring has finally begun to happen in these parts. Everything brown is irrevocably turning green once again and there are even a few hints of color in amongst the new growth. It feels so wonderful to shed some extra layers and frolic through the fresh grass, the wind in our hair! Frances and I have taken full advantage of every sunny warm day to spend it outside, either at home in our yard or off at the playground.

These photographs were actually taken two weeks ago, since then we have had one week of spring/summer like temperatures and one week of rain. In the last week the landscape has changed somewhat. The buds on the trees have flowered, the lawn has become full and lush, and the garden has been cleared of all the dead leaves and brush giving way for more greenery to come alive. I find myself becoming rather giddy with the prospect of garden soil embedded under my fingernails and this year I have an eager little helper to join me!!

Homemade play dough


Recipe from Better Basics for the Home (a fantastic book if you’re into making your own bath, body and home cleaning supplies)

Practical Play Dough

2 cups flour

2/3 cup salt

3 tablespoons cream of tartar

2 cups water

3 tablespoons vegetable oil

A few tablespoons juice dyes

Place the flour, salt, and cream of tartar in a saucepan. Combine the water, vegetable oil, and juice dyes (if using). Pour the liquid into the flour mixture and stir together thoroughly. Cook over medium low heat, stirring constantly, until the mixture is difficult to stir and is close to play dough texture (about 5 minutes). Let cool slightly, then knead until smooth.

Store in a glass jar with a screw top for one week in refrigerator. Makes 3 cups.

To make juice dyes, use 1/4 cup plant dyestuff to 2 cups water. Simmer over low heat for 1-2 hours. Strain and let cool. Freeze what you don’t use for another time.

I made 1/4 of the recipe and that was more then enough for one little person to play with. I also used some blueberry puree I had in the freezer to color the play dough with. I suppose you could use some natural food coloring, but don’t you think it’s much funner to make your own and see what you come up with! Next time we’ll try beets.