It has sprung!


Spring has finally begun to happen in these parts. Everything brown is irrevocably turning green once again and there are even a few hints of color in amongst the new growth. It feels so wonderful to shed some extra layers and frolic through the fresh grass, the wind in our hair! Frances and I have taken full advantage of every sunny warm day to spend it outside, either at home in our yard or off at the playground.

These photographs were actually taken two weeks ago, since then we have had one week of spring/summer like temperatures and one week of rain. In the last week the landscape has changed somewhat. The buds on the trees have flowered, the lawn has become full and lush, and the garden has been cleared of all the dead leaves and brush giving way for more greenery to come alive. I find myself becoming rather giddy with the prospect of garden soil embedded under my fingernails and this year I have an eager little helper to join me!!


2 responses to “It has sprung!

  1. Lovely photos. Happy Mother’s Day! I’m unknotting a mess of threads at the back of my loom, as I prepare to wind on a 40meter warp! Here is hoping cleaning up these tangles makes the rest of the wind smooth! Hope you have a day in the sun. Much love, Caitlin

  2. Isn’t so nice when things go green again? We’ve had a lot of rain lately – which always kinda bums me out – but when it’s all over there’s so much new growth. I wish I’d planted my grass seed a month ago thought – d’oh!

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