Forget me not

forget me not1

They seem to be everywhere, which is just fine with me. They always remind me of the times I would help my mother in her garden. We would pull them all out when they went to seed and shake them back into the garden for the following spring. I now do the same, with the help of little Frances who would be happy to spend the whole day outside picking them. Yesterday my neighbour called them weeds, but I have a hard time thinking of them in such a way.

forget me not2

With the warm weather teasing us every now and again I decided my little forget me not was in need of a new summer skirt. Today I whipped up a Lazy Days Skirt by oliver + s (check out the absolutely adorable patterns they make!) It was so simple and took no time at all. Frances was very excited when she woke up from her nap this afternoon to a pretty new skirt! It was a little chilly today so she wore it over her pants, very art school chic. I am definitely going to make more.

forget me not3

I can’t begin to tell you how happy this sunshine is making me. Frances and I have been out enjoying it every minute we can, visits to the playground, tea parties, gardening and even long walks and errands have become more pleasurable.


3 responses to “Forget me not

  1. I love forget-me-nots. They’re such a pretty colour – just like the skirt. I’m also a fan of the oliver patterns – they’re so cute. Miss F. can definietly pull off the art school chic – just steer her away from the unwashed hair and ripped clothing aspect. Ick.

    Happy gardening ladies!

  2. I would love some of those blue beauties! I wonder if anyone I know has some I can pick and shake? Hmmm. And I love the first show of Frannie in her blue sweater right next to the flowers – so sweet!

  3. Um how cute that skirt on her!

    I’m glad you let her pick flowers, it’s such a natural thing to do. And who cares if they are “weeds”. Seth loves all sorts of weeds, he gets practically hysterical over mustard flowers, not to mention calendula.

    Blessings + A

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