Pit stick


Well if you didn’t already have me pegged as some kind of woolly free-range type then this might seal the deal, homemade deodorant. I don’t know if scientists have ever made the connection between commercial deodorant/ antiperspirant and breast cancer, but think about where you put that stuff, pretty much right next to your boob. It sure freaks the heck out of me! I have tried a few different brands of the natural stuff available mostly from health food stores, and Tom’s of Maine which I think you can now find in most drug stores. Tom’s I liked the best, but found it a little wet and soapy upon application. Recently I came across the Angry Chicken’s recipe for deodorant. It looked easy and seemed to work well for her, so I hunted around town for the ingredients I didn’t have and I whipped some up. This stuff is the bees knees! I have been using it for about a month now and think I smell pretty great. (What do you think Josh?) I used lavender oil and with the cocoa butter there is a hint of chocolate, very nice.


13 responses to “Pit stick

  1. I’m with you all the way! I use the Tom’s stuff – but I should try to make some too. I think I’d like the lavender. Good for you!

  2. Jason Tea Tree works well for me. I’m not cool enough to make my own, although I think by boyfriend was impressed ~ just to shy to tell you. + A

  3. I made this up last year and gave most of it away (gifts) – loved using it myself….but then got lazy. You have inspired me to do it again – it’s easy peasy and you probably DO smell great!

  4. I thought I was the only one who worried about deodorant. I think about how bad it must everytime I put it on.
    I didn’t even know you could make your own! This is cool.

  5. If you haven’t already made it, I very highly suggest you do! As Robbin says, “it’s easy peasy”!

    The only thing some people might not like about it is that it’s not as convenient as the stick variety. You have to use your hand to apply it, but it’s just like putting moisturizer on and all that shea and cocoa butter does wonders for dry hands.

    Mammals, you can make EVERYTHING. Maybe one of the days I will write about my venture into the cloth revolution of feminine hygiene!

  6. I’m all ears about the venture into cloth feminine hygiene. I’m contemplating a diva cup experiment – I’m beginning to suffer a serious case of tampon guilt. Now those are some words I never thought I’d write. . . .

  7. Rebecca, I recommend the diva cup. I was super hesitant and it seemed weird at first but it’s been over two years now and I have no complaints. Plus I’ve maybe bought 2 packs of tampons since… so financially it’s a huge savings.

  8. I have been contemplating a diva cup as well. If all the women in Halifax would use one, there would be no more tampon fish in the harbor. I think I will follow your lead Caitlin and give one a go!!

  9. Okay – sold. I really just needed to hear someone else recommend it. The amount of waste generated by these things is amazing (and I use the tiny no-extras, minimal packaging variety). Off to the woolly free-range store I go.

  10. Auntie Sayer

    Julie & Sara say, “Let us know how that diva cup works out for you…..”
    p.s. BLECH!

  11. Ha ha, well Josh says he’s been scarred for life after reading these comments.
    Apparently he was curious about this diva cup, so he looked it up 😉

  12. Sorry Josh. There is a pretty big BLECH factor, but the harbour situation is deserving of an even greater BLECH rating. Ick, ick, ick.

  13. i LOVE my diva cup!! highly, highly recommend it!

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