Monthly Archives: June 2009

Saving it all up for a rainy day.


What’s been going on? Oh goodness, I feel like I’ve slipped out of the wagon as far as writing and reading other peoples writing goes. All the fantastic weather we had been experiencing caused me to tune out and turn on to everything the outdoors had to offer. Long walks, playgrounds, gardens, parks, and just laying in the soft grass watching the clouds float by. A week with nothing but rain in the forecast has brought us back inside to slow down and clean up. So, if you are interested I will sum up what’s been going on in our world lately.


Bread, loaves and loaves of homemade bread. When I was a kid my mother made all of her own bread by hand, and as an adult I finally realize how lucky we were. Wouldn’t it be nice for Frances to look back on her childhood and feel the same way, and also nice for Josh to have his sandwich on healthy homemade bread everyday. There is something so comforting and pleasing about making the staples we use every day all on our own from scratch, to rely less and less on the modern conveniences the supermarket has to offer. It’s really not that hard to make either, in fact I use my food processor. The only thing good bread requires is time and patients, of which I have loads being home all day. Sometimes I make a standard loaf of sandwich bread using a combination of white and whole wheat flour and sometimes I will make a nice loaf of sourdough. I keep the starter going in my fridge, using half for the bread and feeding the other half for the next loaf, it works really well and somehow seems to taste better every time.


Gardening and sewing. Every year my perennial garden gets better and better. I’m not real fussy about it and I tend to be quite frugal, but after eight years of nurturing many small plants I can finally look out my kitchen window and feel pure satisfaction. Over those years I have divided and moved stuff around to the point where it feels fairly well balanced and filled. Sure there are still some areas that I envision in other ways, but they will come and really isn’t that how all gardeners feel!?


They’re day clothes, they’re play clothes. Not like she really needs more clothes, but just as my mother did for us, Frances will have clothes made just for her. The shirt came from this tutorial and the short pants I made up after loving the Puppet Show Shorts from oliver + s. I guess that pattern drafting course I suffered through at NSCAD finally came in handy!


Between the raindrops we are finding creative ways to stay occupied and happy. Yesterday it was play dough, today finger paint. Frances doesn’t like having stuff on her hands, wipe it off she’ll say. Maybe she picked this up from her mother who picked it up from her father, who knows, but she needs to get over it. Finger paint seemed like a good tool to encourage messy hands, and it was much funner to play in then paint with. I can dig it! Let’s see what kind of mess we can create tomorrow.


Our darling boy Maki has had a rough week (as have we $$). In the last year while making household budget cuts we decided to opt for the less expensive supermarket cat food thinking it would save money. Well, poor Maki proved us wrong when he ended up spending a few nights at the kitty cat hospital with a blocked urethra. (“He had a tummy baked just like George”(Curious) says Frances) Now he’s home and very slowly recovering while I constantly mop up little puddles around the house. Nothing but the best for our cats now, it’s a good thing I can sew and make bread, now I should learn how to clip coupons!


A real haircut


Last week Frances received her first real haircut. Grampy (my dad) took her to Luigi’s barber shop where his daughter Giovanna did the honors. Frances sat on a booster in the big chair all by herself and donned the protective cape. There were a few tears in the beginning but after I sang Bah Bah Black Sheep and talked her through it, it wasn’t so bad. Gosh it sure breaks your heart to see your child so upset, but we all need to learn how to be ok with new experiences. While Frances was having her trim, Grampy was in the other chair having the snappy scissor treatment. They were able to sit facing and watching one another which was good for poor little F. Once it was all over she was one happy girl with a pretty new haircut. Grampy didn’t look so bad either! (I would post a picture of them together, but Grampy always grumbles about having his picture on this thing;)