A real haircut


Last week Frances received her first real haircut. Grampy (my dad) took her to Luigi’s barber shop where his daughter Giovanna did the honors. Frances sat on a booster in the big chair all by herself and donned the protective cape. There were a few tears in the beginning but after I sang Bah Bah Black Sheep and talked her through it, it wasn’t so bad. Gosh it sure breaks your heart to see your child so upset, but we all need to learn how to be ok with new experiences. While Frances was having her trim, Grampy was in the other chair having the snappy scissor treatment. They were able to sit facing and watching one another which was good for poor little F. Once it was all over she was one happy girl with a pretty new haircut. Grampy didn’t look so bad either! (I would post a picture of them together, but Grampy always grumbles about having his picture on this thing;)


3 responses to “A real haircut

  1. Auntie Sayer

    Giovanna gives the BEST haircuts! Did you get Ms. F. a lolly after? We can’t wait to come home and get the boys some GOOD cuts (though Nathaniel wants to grow his hair long like Madeline!!!)

  2. Miss F. had nothing to worry about – very cute! Now, if only she’d stop starting at me like I’m a criminal whenever we meet. . .. .

  3. CURSES! The pic won’t load! I’ll just have to image how cute she looks and while I’m at it, I’ll imagine Grampy with a lolly. 🙂

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