Happy Canada day eh!

In celebration of Canada day we left the city and went to the zoo. Well it’s really a wildlife park with no exotic species, but animals which are indigenous to our climate. Everyone had the day off and the weather forecast was looking rain free, so off we set with picnics packed. I have mixed feelings about zoos and parks with kept animals, as I’m sure many people do. On the one hand you see these beautiful wild creatures confined to very small spaces with humans gawking at them all day. What a sad existence for an animal who would normally roam free in nature with its companion or herd. (I find myself thinking about the lone wolf we saw today, knowing that wolves are pack animals, and how lonely it must feel). Then on the other hand, most of us will never have the opportunity to see many of these wonderful animals in their natural habitat. When I watched the excitement in Frances I was really happy for her to experience their presents. The animals in this particular park (Shubenacadie Wildlife Park) were clearly well taken care of and I’m sure many of them will outlive their wild relatives.


We saw some deer,


a family of woodchucks (groundhogs) sharing lunch,


some molting caribou (reindeer),


with beautiful antlers. They looked so soft, I wanted to touch them.


Dall sheep, who also looked very soft,


domestic rabbits,


and peacocks. The peacocks were everywhere and quite noisy!


Frances loved seeing the ducks, geese and swans.


She kept saying “go see some more!”


I thought she might be frightened of certain things like this very loud whooping crane, but she was totally digging it!

There were a few animals we missed. The moose, nowhere to bee seen, I guess he was loose! The beaver who I was looking forward to, being Canada day and all, was sound asleep in his lodge and the bears were a little far away for my liking. One was asleep, the other was giving himself a little wash and being lazy. We had a lovely picnic before heading back to the city. It was a great day and fun for Josh and I to visit a spot we hadn’t been for 25- 30 years (boy are we getting old!) Thanks Nanny and Grampy!!


2 responses to “Happy Canada day eh!

  1. Happy Canada Day to you, eh!

    I have some of the same feelings about zoos. but I will also say this – in many places they build very nice habitats and they help save animals who environments have been destroyed. Still – the whole captivity thing – bleh.

    Cam never much cared for zoos in his youth, which was odd because he LOVED animal shows. But I guess there’s a big difference between watching a close up cheetah running through the field and a lion tucked into a corner, barely visible and sleeping. He always liked the playgrounds at the zoos.

    I’m so glad Frannie wanted more, more, more!

  2. Auntie Sayer

    I love that park. N&G took us and Little N. one time. I think he had the same reaction as Ms. F. MORE MORE! Now, what adventures are we going to have in two weeks when we come home!???!

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