Ghastly gastropods

I like to consider myself a fairly passive person, there aren’t many people/things I do not like and I highly respect all earths creatures. However, there is something in our backyard that is turning me into a mortal enemy. With salt shaker in hand I will show no mercy for those cheeky buggers and with wicked pleasure I will watch them writhe in burning pain. The slug!




These surly bastards are responsible for gnawing away at each and every stem base on our lovely tomato plants




causing them to flop over and eventually shrivel up and die. A fate which those @#$% slugs now have coming!

With a determination to grow some beautiful tomatoes this summer, Frances and I made a trip up to the garden store this morning to purchase replacement plants. This time I will place some sandpaper discs around the base of each stem,  shake some Safer’s slug bait around in the garden and be more vigilant with my salt shaker. Maybe I can teach Frances to salt slugs the way my mother taught me!!


6 responses to “Ghastly gastropods

  1. alas, i too, have resorted to salting the slugs. i tried plying them with beer – but ended up with drunk slugs weaving throughout the lettuces…. 🙂

  2. Auntie Sayer

    Ya, the beer! Remember Mom’s slug beer?

  3. Too funny! A first I was a little taken aback by the new Jessica – pro-torture. But the fact is I HATE Japanese Beetles. They’re pretty but they eat the leaves off my rose bushes and I do like to watch them suffer! So I guess we all have a teeney bit of cruelty in us.

  4. I too hate the slug – they are slimy, creepy, disgusting blobs which seem to provide no benefit to my garden. I found the Mother of all slugs tonight – it was enormous! At least 3″ long with leopard spots. Blech. I hate slugs almost as much as I hate earwigs. Now those are truly disgusting.

  5. ooo, i do kinda love slugs. i hate earwigs, am not overly crazy about ants… but slugs are just too neat. but i’m also not a gardener, and we also don’t have the wonderfully huge european slugs here in ontario (i dont actually ever see slugs here…but again maybe that’s because of the lack of gardening)….. i was however looking at the lee valley tool website and came across this copper mesh that is supposed to work to keep slugs away! and it’s pretty too……

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