Salting slug shame.

I’m feeling a little guilty about those poor slugs. They were beginning to haunt me by making their way into the house and sliming along the upstairs carpet. (the cat dragged them in on his fur)

I pulled the old plants out and put the new ones in, then I placed some sandpaper around the base of each plant. Every evening I vigilantly went out with my salt shaker and did the dirty dead, I felt no remorse. That is until I observed many large black ants happily munching their way around the stems of my beautiful new tomato plants!! Now I was dealing with a whole new opponent. I quickly re-evaluated my plan of attack in an effort to save the few remaining plants. I set out traps with honey and borax and I think that may have done the trick, no sign of ants since yesterday.

I know all insects serve a purpose and it is terrible for me to kill them, but please, I just want to grow some vegetables!!


6 responses to “Salting slug shame.

  1. You gotta fight for your right to salad.

  2. Oh Mammals, you are cheeky!!

  3. Auntie Sayer


  4. Auntie Sayer

    One week from Monday 🙂

  5. I feel no remorse, no shame and no guilt. In the battle for garden supremacy, I will prevail. Or, I will try my hardest and stomp on every earwig I see to make myself feel better.

  6. Yanno – the world is not full of black and whites. You gotta work with the shades of grey and in this instance – when it goes to growing food, I think it’s cool to stop those that stand in your way. Salt the slugs and kill the ants.

    We like spiders. We like that spiders eat mosquitoes so we generally let them live. But if I’m getting bit in the middle of the night by spiders – then I’m going to do what I can to kill those puppies in my bedroom.

    So don’t feel guilty. Just do what ya gotta do.

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