Is it fall yet!?

When I began writing this post last week I started out by saying I could feel Autumn creeping in through the early morning chill. Now I only wish! We are experiencing some kind of heatwave up here in the north east and I do not like it one little bit. I find it uncomfortable and unbearable and you will not find me complaining come February when the temperature dips well below zero. This heat makes everyone in the house cranky and that’s no fun!

Speaking of fun in a fun way, and something I have been meaning to write about is the visit we had with my sister and family.


After one very long year they made the lengthy drive home for their annual summer visit. It seems funner now that kids are involved and even more fun the older they become. Frances had a blast with her cousins and still fondly chatters on about them weeks later. They mostly bumbled about my parents house doing what kids do, they frolicked naked in the little kiddie pool and the boys became soldiers following a visit to the fortress in the heart of our city.


Frances spent some quality time with her Auntie Sayer and this really makes me wish we saw them more. Just like I would really love to spend more time getting to know my awesome nephews, I want Frances to really know her very cool aunt. Boo hoo!

And of course no visit would be complete without the communal bath…


where the two boys doted on their cousin, one with a comb and the other with a seahorse!

We didn’t get to do all the things that maybe we had wanted to, but we ate well and drank well and we were all together cramming in eleven and a half months of missing one another!


2 responses to “Is it fall yet!?

  1. Aw. Those are great pics! I know Sara feels the same way. It’s really a shame you all are so far apart. I guess you’d better plan on getting your butt down to Baltimore – but maybe after cricket season. 🙂

  2. Auntie Sayer

    HA! Love those photsos… but, did you leave someone out of the “soldier” picture? (wink-wink).
    We really miss you too. I feel like we’d just gotten to know Ms. F. and then we had to leave. I hope we can stay longer next summer…. or have you come for a visit 😉
    We miss you so much! Oh, btw… what does a panda bear eat?????

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