A visit from Bill

It was the anticipation that did me in. With a category 2 hurricane headed our way and my father off sailing on a wooden boat equipped with the bare bones necessities it was a little worrisome. The media tends to freak many out and it’s always interesting to watch people prepare for such a weather event. The water aisle at the grocery store receives a good pillaging and many hardware stores have their generator stock wiped out, but after the blaze attitude towards hurricane Juan in 2003 it is good to be a little prepared. My poor mother finally had telephone contact with my father on Saturday afternoon with reassurance that all was well and they were tucked away and anchored  in a safe harbor. That was a relief to know but we still worried. The storm downgraded to a category 1 and blew in on Sunday morning with heavy rain and high winds. Thankfully it moved quickly and stayed well off shore. By dinner time there was blue sky and sunshine.

I didn’t get out for pictures that day and it’s hard to capture wind on a still camera, but this should give you some idea. This is how Peggy’s Cove, the greatest tourist attraction just 30 min. outside the city right on the coast, usually looks (well on a clear, calm sunny day).

peggys cove1

…and down below is how it looked on Sunday during the storm.

Having been there many, many times when it looks just like the top photo I can never imagine waves actually crashing into the lighthouse.

On Monday morning there was another phone call from my father to say they survived and were about to set sail  and continue on their journey.


3 responses to “A visit from Bill

  1. Auntie Sayer

    Woa! Those were some waves! So glad Dad and the boys got through the storm…. bet they just sat around drinking rum and playing cribbage! Not a bad way to weather a hurricane…. though not on a wooden boat, thank you very much!
    Thanks for the video clip!

  2. Thanks for the update. I’m glad everyone is A-OK!

  3. I see hurricane Danny is now headed your way? Guess all the preparation for Bill was not for naught! At least Gramp-us will be home by that point!

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