When Josh and I moved into our first apartment together we knew right away that we would like the companionship of a cat. We had both grown up with animals in our family’s so it felt like the most natural thing to do. Animals always make a house feel like home and we were prepared for the commitment we were about to make. Being partial to tabbies I looked around and found the perfect little guy in a veterinary clinic around the corner. We brought him home in a cardboard box and he was so happy to get out and explore the new surroundings. After mulling over a few good names Josh suggested Maki and I agreed it was a great name (It comes from the Japanese Maki sushi rolls). We absolutely adored our new family member and he provided us with unlimited amounts of love and amusement.

Maki grew quickly from a tiny little kitten into a beautiful strong healthy solid cat. His nickname became FutoMaki (big roll) and we just loved him more and more every day. Once he was old enough and had been neutered we introduced him to a new world outside. He was in his element. After that first year we moved to our current house with a much nicer back yard where he could spend his days chasing bugs and cooling off under the lilies. Sometimes we thought he might be lonely, so we gave him the companionship of a little sister (Nori). It’s funny how animals just blend right in and become one of our own. It is hard to remember or even imagine what life was like before they joined you. They truly make your life fuller, much like human children but in a more mutual way, if that makes sense.

When animals come into our lives we are fully aware that their lives might be about 1/6 (if we and they are lucky) of ours. We know that we will inevitably see them pass, but those facts never prepare us for the eventuality.

Until two months ago Maki had been an extremely healthy cat. He had developed what we believed was a urinary tract infection. He was hospitalized, treated and cared for at home to what we thought was a full recovery. Back to his normal ways, a little thinner but seemingly healthy none the less. Last Tuesday he failed to show up for his midnight call to come in (he had never spent the night outside) this was unusual and even more so when there was no sign of him the following morning. On Wednesday afternoon Frances and I finally found him looking ill in the back garden. A visit to the vet could find no sign of trauma or a recurrence of a urinary infection. We brought him home to wait and see with plans to return on Friday. With no change and an obviously sick cat blood tests were ordered. We will never know what or how it happened but the results revealed serious and chronic kidney distress. The prognosis was not good and we were left with an extremely sad option. The only option to relieve our sweet boy from the pain he was very obviously in.

On Friday night Josh and I said goodbye to our dear friend. We stroked his soft fir and lulled him into a deep peaceful sleep as he heard us tell him for the final time he was our boy and we loved him.


5 responses to “FutoMaki

  1. Auntie Sayer

    You did the right thing. If only we could be as humane with the people we love.
    He was one cool cat and his stories will live on with you and Ms. F. I always think of he and Nori whenever we have sushi 😉

  2. Oh Jessica – I am so sorry.

    Our cat, Dizzy, up and had a heart attack when I was 7 months pregnant with Cam. She was only 6 years old. It was the weirdest thing. We kinda think she didn’t want to play second fiddle to the baby.

    Mike and I were both very upset at first. Then Dizzy’s absence would hit one of us or the other for the next few months. Now, even though Cam never knew her, he gets upset over Dizzy’s passing.

    I will always be a pet lover. I, too, like having a pet in the house to make it feel like home. I think you did the right thing for Maki and I’m sure Maki felt loved. You are in my thoughts.

  3. Oh bless his big heart, and yours! My dog died at the end of July so I actually completely understand how you feel right now. I bet Frances was the best kitty sister ever, and I am sure Maki was a good friend to everyone!

  4. This literally brought tears to my eyes. I don’t think I’ve ever cried about someone else’s blog entries before! It struck a chord with me, as I’ve lost many, many cats growing up and it’s always so devistating.

    Hope everyone is doing ok with the loss.

  5. Oh! I’m sorry about the passing of Maki – it’s a hard thing to say goodbye, even when you know it’s the right thing to do.

    I’m sending some warm thoughts your way.

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