Monthly Archives: October 2009

Hello number two!

My my, where does the time go? I haven’t given up and if you have been checking in from time to time, just to see if I’m still here, thank you and so sorry! You know it’s bad when my father (who says he doesn’t read blogs) asks about an update!

I really have a lot of show and tell from the past few months, but today I will start with the most important- birthday #2! This past weekend was filled with sweet celebrations. It all started with a trip to the Farmer’s market and a chocolate (well Nutella) banana crape. Frances rarely eats sweets, so this was very special.


We then returned home for some present opening. She’s really getting the hang of unwrapping all that paper, although most times she just wants daddy to do it for her. She had a fun time playing with all the new treasures, then it was time for lunch and a nap (for both of us!) When she awoke, Pappy (Josh’s dad) appeared with a shiny new red wagon!


She proceeded to fill it up with every toy she could find, then she got in. I see many wagon rides in our future, however I will need some heavy training first as we live in a very hilly part of town.

It seemed like all the important events were taking place on that one day. Rebecca got married and auntie Caitlin was in town to do Nocturne. So what better time for her first sleep over then on her birthday! I wasn’t at all worried, I knew Frances would be just fine with her Nanny and Grampy and she was. It felt strange sending her off on such an important day, but I knew she would have fun and we would continue the celebrations the following day.

After an evening of weddedness and artiness, Josh and I returned home to a strangely quiet house. I crashed and didn’t wake up till nine the next morning. It was the first full uninterrupted long sleep we had in over two years and it sure was nice!! Frances was having so much fun, she stayed till noon and I can’t remember the last time Josh and I got so much cleaning done. Oh wait, yes, it’s been at least two years! We are going to send her away more often.

No birthday can be properly celebrated without cake, so we ended the weekends festivities with the traditional Lambie cake. (This is a cake my mother had as a child as did my sister and I)


Frances seemed a little more excited about the strawberry decorations (sorry Nanny!) but the cake was delicious!