Going backwards.

Oh I’m such a bad mother! I totally forgot to bring the camera out on Halloween, so until I can get some of the photos Grampy took I will do a little back tracking. Last month we went on our annual family outing to the Annapolis valley. Every year since I can remember we have gone to the same places and done the same things, which suits us just fine. Here’s a little look at what we experienced:


Picnic at the Prescott House Museum, complete with hot cocoa and potato chips.


A little kick ball and exploring the garden where Josh and I were married (Just over his shoulder where you see lawn chairs.)


Finally to the apple orchard for some picking where apparently the apples on the ground were better than those on the trees! We are still working our way through two big bags, maybe I will get my act together and make some more apple butter.


We met a very sweet and friendly goat, saw a donkey and visited some pigs who I would like to think remembered us from last year, but surely those curly tailed cuties have long since gone to the slaughter-house.


Finally it was on to the farm stand to pick out our pumpkins, then home where we all crashed hard from the sweet and fresh valley air.



3 responses to “Going backwards.

  1. Jessica! All those pumpkins made me think of how much you would have loved the day after Halloween in my new neighbourhood. Yearly, in the evening of November 1st, everybody brings their jack-o-lanterns to Sorauren Park – a block from my house – and lines them up for a pumpkin parade! It was so SO beautiful! Sadly I didn’t have my camera on hand…but other people did 🙂 http://www.blogto.com/city/2009/11/sorauren_park_pumpkin_parade_the_biggest_yet/
    Miss you guys! xo, caitlin

  2. “surely those curly tailed cuties have long since gone to the slaughter-house.”

    OMG – you kill me! All these sweet photos, talking about where you got married and then WHAMO the slaughter house!!! 🙂

  3. Okay dear…. it’s a throw down… I just banged out three sizable blogs this weekend…. where’s your new one? I imagine you MUST have some new exciting news!

    Keep your eyes peeled for a package this week….

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