One more makes four!

new baby 2

Say hello to the next addition for our little family, who will be joining us in late April. Apparently my body tricked me when we thought it would be coming in mid May. I think this little person looks just like Frances which seems silly looking at an ultrasound, but it’s the first thing I thought when I laid eyes on the black and white image. It is so exciting and absolutely terrifying all at the same time!


6 responses to “One more makes four!

  1. It does look an awful lot like Ms. F! Can’t wait to meet our new niece / nephew! We are so excited for you!

  2. Congratulations!!!! That’s so exciting!

  3. Woot!!!! I am so excited for you and your family! I must begin the knitting immediately! (right after I stop using exclamation points like they’re going out of style).

  4. I’m so thrilled for you!!

  5. PS. The nose is totally Frances!

  6. Blessings. New life is the best new project of all!

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