Potty snails

Today I will forgo the visuals. Frances peed and pooped on the potty this morning for the very first time!! I am a very happy mama! I didn’t expect it at all, I put her on the potty while I also sat down to do my business. I picked up a copy of The Coast and read Savage Love while she looked at The Tales of Benjamin Bunny and when we were all done I looked in her potty and WOW there it was! I asked her what was in there and she replied “a snail” 🙂


3 responses to “Potty snails

  1. AH! HA HA HA! That kid cracks me up! I had a dream about you guys the other night. I’ll call you tomorrow and tell you ALL about it!
    Glad the package arrived…. can’t wait to hear what Ms. F. thought of everything!
    We miss you!

  2. Getting to know you…
    Getting to know all about you….

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