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Vintage knitting.


When I was a little girl my Nanny (mother’s mother) knit me one of these sweet duffel coats. (That’s a picture from the pattern book and not me, although it very well could have been a photograph of my sister and I with the age difference) I fondly remember it keeping me warm on crisp autumn days playing outside with the neighborhood kids. I believe it was knit with a soft fluffy natural colored yarn making it cozy and squishy. I always had the pattern in the back of my mind as something I would surely knit for the little person I wanted to have one day. I knew my mother had some of my Nanny’s old knitting patterns and this particular one was in the stash somewhere. Recently my mother had a look through them and found it! With all the other knitting projects vying for my attention I couldn’t help but ignore them and start this one right away.


I’m using Lopi wool which isn’t the softest, but it is thick and warm and will soften with wear and washing. Because the yarn is nice and thick and the needles are fairly large it is knitting up pretty fast. I love the color, a pinkish red with some tweedy flecks.

Frances is a very lucky girl, her Nanny (my mother) is also knitting her a very soft and fluffy jacket to keep her warm and cozy!


Not MIA, just a little Lost.

What are those people from the boat after, and why does Kate have Aaron?

Finally, the fourth season of Lost has come out on DVD. Now we’ll be caught up and ready for the fifth season to start in the new year. I’m the kind of person who has to watch a program or movie from the very beginning, so a few years back when I started to hear all the hype over this program it was too late for me to hop on board. Being house bound last winter with not much to watch on TV, I thought it might be a good idea to see what this Lost show was all about. I figured with one episode a night it would eat up a good two weeks. No, we devoured it in a week! Just one more became two, then three more. We were hooked! By the time we got to the third season I was so worried I would have serious withdraw waiting months for the next one to come out. I guess after a week I forgot all about it and now here we are, eating dinner and putting Frances to bed a little earlier so that we can get “just one more” episode in before bedtime!

Just in time for watching Lost, I’m on a sock kick again. Last year I went a little crazy knitting socks for Frances, because A. where do you find well made wool baby socks not made in China at a reasonable price? You don’t! and B. they are so fun and fast to make! Now I know what people mean when they say kids grow out of things so fast because there is no way last years socks will still fit those growing feet this year. Can you believe her feet were so tiny!?


I usually suffer from single sock syndrome, I have many single socks to prove it. If I thought it was cool to wear mismatched socks I would be all set! I don’t seem to have the same issue with tiny ones, knitting two small socks is the same as knitting one big sock.


The pattern for these lovelies came from Ravelry. The pattern was really meant for legwarmers, which I intend on making, but I thought they would also be sweet as socks. I am just about ready to turn the heel, and I’d say by the end of our Lost evening I should be well into the second one!!


Mother’s little helper!

Such a sweet sweater.


Sweet sweater.

I have been meaning to tell you about Franny’s new little sweater that Nanny knit for her. You may have seen it pop up in my previous post and in the Daily…Maybe, we seem to dress her in it all the time.

I guess it was back in June when my parents were preparing for their road trip out to Omaha, I asked my mother if she needed a new knitting project for the long drive. She left it up to me to find her a pattern and some yarn. A sweater for Frances was the perfect thing for her to make, it would be small and knit up fast. I like a simple cardigan and I didn’t want my mom messing around with a complicated pattern while acting as co-pilot to my dad. So I found a really great pattern knit in one piece from the top down. No seams to sew! For the yarn I chose Rowan Felted Tweed in a really pretty green that looks so nice on Frances.

I hadn’t inquired into the progress of the sweater for some time. I think I kind of forgot about it. Then, two weeks ago at the birthday party, Nanny came with a big pile of presents. Franny finally came to one that looked soft, like maybe it contained an article of clothing. She pulled off the paper and there to my delight was a beautiful new sweater! I was quite surprised to see she had finished it without me knowing. The tweed knit up really nicely and the mother of pearl buttons she chose really sets it off.

It has quickly become one of my favorite sweaters that looks so great with whatever Franny wears it with. Nanny did such a good job!

These spats are where it’s at!

Being a bit of a crafty mama, I decided rather than going out and purchasing a pair of the ever so popular Baby Legs I would whip up a pair of spats for my baby’s legs. When Frances rides in her carrier or any other piece of equipment where her pants ride up, her legs become exposed to the elements. With the cooler weather coming on I think more about keeping my punkin cozy and warm. I found some lovely soft wool while visiting Louise and Eileen up at LK Yarns last week.

Now, here’s the recipe if you’re interested:

I used Marks & Kattens Eco Baby Ull with a suggested gauge of 26 sts. to 4″ on a 3mm needle.

On 3mm double point needles, cast on 40 stitches.

Knit 3 purl 1 rib for 6″

On next round increase 1 st in every other purl st. (45 sts)

Work 4 rounds in rib pattern (K3 P2, K3 P1)x5

On next round increase 1 st in alternate purl st. (50 sts)

Work 4 rounds in rib pattern (K3 P2)x10

On final round work to 6 sts before end of round.

Cast off 10 sts, knit 15 sts, cast off 10 sts, knit 15.

You will now have two needles with 15 sts on each.

Work back and forth on first needle starting with a wrong side row:

1st row: K1, K2tog, K1, P to last 4 sts, K1 SSK, K1

2nd row: K1, K2tog, K to last 3 sts, SSK, K1

Continue these two rows until you are left with 7 sts. and leave them on the needle.

Work the other 15 sts in the same manner but continue with the 7 sts in garter st. for 3″

You can either use a three needle bind off, or graft the two sets of 7 sts. together.

Voila, baby spats!


Just something I whipped up this past week. A new blue vest for Frances. If you’re interested, here is where I found the pattern. I am trying to get away from the colour pink. It seems as though I went a little over board with the excitement of having a girl. Frances looks so delightful in blue as it brings out the blueberry in her eyes. I was never very partial to pink and think gender colours are silly. I love the fact that my six year old nephew wears a pink shirt. I guess it’s because his parents are so cool! When I worked in the yarn shop I heard some pretty ridiculous things about gender and colour. Did you know that boys should not wear red!? No, apparently red is a feminine colour!

Today Frances is eleven months old! She is growing into such a fun little girl. Woo, woo, woo (woof) she says all the time. Aouw, aouw is the sound a kiy (kitty) makes. She says hi, ma ma, da da and na na. Ging, ging is another word she uses a lot but we haven’t figured out what that means yet. Sometimes I think there’s a snake in the house because she hisses sssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!! I find it so amusing to watch her process the associations. The other night she was waring a bib with a duck on it. While I was feeding her I was talking about the duck and making quacking noises. Later in the evening as I was reading her a story, a duck appeared. I pointed to the duck and started quacking. She pulled on her shirt and started looking for that duck! It is so wonderful to watch your child grow and learn!

Two terrific things.

Thing #1 Today I returned some books to the library before their due date! Frances and I had another adventure to the library to find some new books for me and have a little playtime for her. Today we met a little girl who was very nice to Frances. Not like the pushy kid we encountered last time. We have registered to start a program there next week called Babies First Books. I have no idea what it’s all about but Franny is a baby and she loves books! I think you do some singing and play some games.

Thing #2 Today I finished the pants! Frances happily tried them on and modeled them for me. They are a good fit, nice and roomy with space to grow. I had intended for the corrugated stripes to line up with her knees, but they ended up just below. That’s ok, because her legs will grow and they will line up eventually, I can just knit some more length on the bottom. I am really pleased with them and plan on making another pair. For now I have started a matching sweater which will have corrugated elbows. This top picture is funny because she was wearing a white shirt that was washed out by the sunlight, so it looks like ghost pants with feet!

Lemon tarts and market skirts.

Frances and I walked up to Frenchy’s this morning to search for treasures. She wasn’t as enthusiastic as I was about sorting through the entire bin, but we did find a few gems. I am trying to stock up on cloths for her to grow into, staying one step ahead of the game. I always enjoy a good thrift and feel like I’ve won the jackpot when I find something really good. Today it was a Gymboree skirt size 5 in this fabric. I’ll call it her market skirt!

Now I’m feeling a little pooped from all that walking. I am going to sit down, drink my coffee, eat some lemon tart- thanks Caitlin!- and work on my knitting before my little friend wakes.