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New page!


I’m giving myself a swift kick in the ass to start making some kind of art work. I can’t keep making excuses like I don’t have the time or the space, I must work with what I’ve got. If I lived in my perfect world I would have money growing on trees and a studio where I would spend my days making lithographs. Right now at this very moment, that world does not exist. I live in a small house with two wonderful people and almost no storage space. Every square inch is used for living and my work space is the same table we eat breakfast, lunch and dinner from. Time is of the essence as any parent of a young child will know and getting any kind of work done with that child pulling on your pant leg pining for attention can be a challenge.

I have never been much of a sketch book or journal keeper, but I think it could be the way to go at this point. It’s small and portable, easy to put away and a reasonable size to work with. I will make one page a day and set a time limit of no more then 30 min. Nothing precious and no pressure to create a finished work. I will post daily (that’s the goal) on the page titled Page A Day. Check it out!




I must have jinxed myself last week when I said “oh we’ve only had one major cold in our house since Frances was born and even that didn’t seem so bad.” Yesterday a scratchy throat and runny nose snuck up on Frances and I. I should have known better as I had been a little tired for the past few days and Frances had been a little more needy. It’s inevitable with all the sickness going around this season and when we get together with other kids it’s bound to make the rounds. I’m so glad the day is almost over and we can finally get some rest and hopefully feel better in the morning.

Now onto the evolution of Frances. Walking! She is turning into a walking machine. Still a little wobbly but so good at it and so proud of herself! Penny the music lady will be so impressed if we make it to the library tomorrow. When we were leaving our last library group before Christmas, Penny said “I bet Frances will walk right through that door when you come back.” I was beginning to think that might not happen, but sure enough Penny was right! What else… when we ask Frances “who’s Frances” she pats her chest and says “me!” When she feels like she is finished eating her meal she will put her cup and eating utensil into her bowl and push it away on the table and say “done.” If she wants more of something like mango (her new favorite fruit) she will say “more, more, more.” Words are falling out of her mouth like you’ve won the jackpot from a slot machine. I am constantly amazed by the words she says, if she sees me heading down to the basement she will say “washing machine.” We like to count together, I’ll say one, she’ll say two, I’ll say three, she’ll say four and so on. If we are looking at a book I’ll say something like “Frances, how many birds can you count?” She will take my pointer finger and point it around and say “four, four, four…” So cute! Books continue to be one of her favorite things, all day she will bring me books to read her. I am very happy about this and hope the love of books will always be with her.

Walking on shunshine!

Snow, snow snow! Another snowy day. Is it just me or do we seem to be getting a fair amount of snow this winter? I don’t remember having as many snowy days last year but then again I was in la la land with baby bliss. I guess we won’t be traveling over to the homestead for Sunday dinner tonight. Shucks, it’s something we all look forward to. I like to eat my mothers food, Josh likes to drink Coca Cola and eat goldfish while vegging out in front of the tv (that’s too dark to even watch) with my dad and Frances likes to play the peananno.
Well, I believe we finally have a walker! Yesterday and today Frances seems to have taken off and lost allĀ  inhibition. I think she may have seen one of her little buddies running around so well the other day and decided she could do the same in the comfort of her own home. She’s a funny girl and so proud of herself. As she should be!

Walking!, originally uploaded by decodaco39.

Crafting and baking.



Ah… finally we are back to our old tricks. Josh has gone back to work , Frances and I have settled back into our comfortable daily routine and I am finishing the last of the holiday eggnog. It feels good!

While making the Christmas birds I realized that I love felt. The possibilities for it are endless and it is so easy to work with. I have plans for more birds but they are rather time consuming, so I am thinking of less elaborate things to make with it. Today I was working on some felt balls sewn together with a blanket stitch. I love the way this edging looks.

For Christmas Josh gave me some requested silicone muffin pans. I finally got around to making a batch of whole wheat banana raisin muffins today. So good, and the house smells divine!

Yes, all is good in my world!!

Suck it up and walk into the new year!

Happy New Year! A little late as punctuality went out my window over a year ago, but just as sincere all the same. Any resolutions or predictions for 2009? I believe resolutions are hogwash. I mean come on, who really sticks them out and follows through? I will give dear Josh props as he has been smoke free ever since he made a resolution to kick the butt two years ago. I would like to be a calmer stress free person but that’s not anything a resolution can fix and I don’t have any vices in need of cracking down on. I take it all in moderation and would never give up the small pleasures that make life more enjoyable. As for predictions, I think Frances will definitely walk this year, I will finish at least one knitting project and maybe I will learn to play the glockenspiel.

I think that I am finally emerging from my Christmas induced blue funk. I tend to crash and burn after the holidays. That’s why I find Christmas to be so anticlimactic, all the built up excitement for that one big day and bamo, it’s over. This was a strange year that never really felt like Christmas. The dinner just felt like any other Sunday dinner at my parents house. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all of my mothers hard work and it was delicious, but the table just seemed a little empty. When things change and the people you are used to being with aren’t there, it just doesn’t feel right. But I guess that is what growing up and having your own family is all about and a few years of doing it this way will make it seem more normal. Change is just a little uncomfortable.

Our New Years brought a ton of snow which makes it harder for me to get out with a little person. There’s all the layers of clothing to dress her in and then when we do make it out, navigating over large snow banks with a stroller is a little tricky. This makes me cranky with the prospect of being stuck indoors for the next 3 cold months. I could be suffering from a little mother burnout. I love being home with Frances every day, there is no other place I’d rather be. But I think I might be in need of a little break. Last Friday I got out with my mother for a few hours and it was so great. We went to the yarn shop to get her set up with some new projects and then out for lunch. Just what I needed, but now I want more!

Today we took our tree down, thus concluding the 12 days of Christmas. A little sad, but so nice to have that extra space back. When all of the decorations had been taken off I thought hmm, I don’t think we took any photographs of it but while looking through photos tonight I found this:


…and these are some of the lovely handmade ornaments that were added to our tree this year.


Sara, my sister made and sent these wonderful cranes hung on pretty ribbons with beads strung on the ends as weights I suppose.


My blog buddy and neighbour of Sara’s sent this sweet bear for Frances. She loves bears and has enjoyed playing with him, especially undressing and dressing him! Maybe he was meant more for a toy but we are going to keep him with the tree decorations so we can discover him all over again every year. I think that makes him more special. Thanks Julie!



These are some of the embroidered felt birds I made this year. I will try and make Frances a special ornament every year so that when she grows up and moves out she will have some things to hang on her own tree. I started to make Josh and I each one but other things happened and they didn’t get finished. Ah well, there’s always next year!

Our Christmas.


The only bottle this little lady would take was that of a single malt.

Ah Christmas, the most wonderful time of the year. I find it so anticlimactic. Sure it’s great in the thick of things, we all had a marvelous time. Up at 7, excitedly tearing into our stalkings filled with treasures. Frances would have been happy if the only things she got were the traditional orange and apple, no surprise there, but she did enjoy the paper (Paper, Paper, Paper!!!) A nice family breakfast of scrambled eggs and bagels. Oh and coffee for mom and dad. Then on to more presents from under the tree. With a little guidance Frances lead and we followed, trying to get as much out of each present as possible before moving on. I think the whole operation moved along nice and smoothly with no melt downs what so ever. Wanting to stay as close as possible to the tracks of our daily schedule, I was anxious for some of the grandparents to pay their visits. With Lucy the dog in tow(antlers and all), my parents showed up with more surprises. I guess Santa left some stuff for Frances at their house as well. More paper, paper, paper and she got all the things her mother had wished for. A Wheely Bug to ride around on and some new Robeez boots. Have I ever told you how much I love Robeez? I absolutely love these shoes, they’re made in Canada eh! Franny even got her very own Lucy. Soon Josh’s dad arrived with more goodies. Poor Frances was fading fast. We had a nice visit with everyone, ate some lunch and finally down for a good long nap.

Now time for mother to move on to making dessert for the big Christmas feast. Poached pears stuffed with raisins, walnuts and honey and a custard sauce. With no double boiler a little improvisation was called for, which seemed to take a little longer. Note to self: ask Santa for one next Christmas. Just as I had finished cooking, Frances awoke as bright and cheerful as usual. Now on to dinner. We all made our way over to my parents house for the recreation of a family classic 1970’s James Beard inspired Christmas dinner. After a brief discussion a few months back it was decided that my mother would make the Christmas “pie” we had when I was a child. My fond memories of Christmas past were stirred up with the excitement of tasting this treat. I love how food can take you back to a favorite time or place in the past. It was everything I remembered it to be and better. I stuffed myself to capacity, saving room for dessert of course and when we were all through I couldn’t move.

Frances was the perfect child all day. She loved her dinner as much as I and couldn’t get enough of the pie. Mmm… she said! When we had all finished eating Nanny sprang her from the table and took her to the piano (peananno) for a little play. She loves this and waits with anticipation every time we have dinner over there. A jolly end to a wonderful day. We all crashed when we returned home and spent the following day unwrapping more surprises and playing with all the new toys.

Not MIA, just a little Lost.

What are those people from the boat after, and why does Kate have Aaron?

Finally, the fourth season of Lost has come out on DVD. Now we’ll be caught up and ready for the fifth season to start in the new year. I’m the kind of person who has to watch a program or movie from the very beginning, so a few years back when I started to hear all the hype over this program it was too late for me to hop on board. Being house bound last winter with not much to watch on TV, I thought it might be a good idea to see what this Lost show was all about. I figured with one episode a night it would eat up a good two weeks. No, we devoured it in a week! Just one more became two, then three more. We were hooked! By the time we got to the third season I was so worried I would have serious withdraw waiting months for the next one to come out. I guess after a week I forgot all about it and now here we are, eating dinner and putting Frances to bed a little earlier so that we can get “just one more” episode in before bedtime!

Just in time for watching Lost, I’m on a sock kick again. Last year I went a little crazy knitting socks for Frances, because A. where do you find well made wool baby socks not made in China at a reasonable price? You don’t! and B. they are so fun and fast to make! Now I know what people mean when they say kids grow out of things so fast because there is no way last years socks will still fit those growing feet this year. Can you believe her feet were so tiny!?


I usually suffer from single sock syndrome, I have many single socks to prove it. If I thought it was cool to wear mismatched socks I would be all set! I don’t seem to have the same issue with tiny ones, knitting two small socks is the same as knitting one big sock.


The pattern for these lovelies came from Ravelry. The pattern was really meant for legwarmers, which I intend on making, but I thought they would also be sweet as socks. I am just about ready to turn the heel, and I’d say by the end of our Lost evening I should be well into the second one!!


Mother’s little helper!