Pink ladybug

Have you any idea how hard it can be to wrangle a small precarious child who won’t stay still and comes at you every time you pull out a camera? I’m sure some of you do!

Day 2 of Franny’s thrift store fashion extravaganza. Today we are wearing pink ladybug flower denim O’s, paired with a pink puffy sleeved flowery shirt from the spring thrifting collection.

Now, would you like to know some of Franny’s new tricks? Well she will clap when asked to, and when Josh or I cough or sneeze, she will pretend cough! She can say daddy, dayee! Yesterday when she noticed her breakfast was ready, she went and got her tray out of a basket and pulled it over to her highchair. She then stood up next to her chair and lifted the tray up to me so I could attach it! She’s catching on I tell ya!!


5 responses to “Pink ladybug

  1. OOO that girl is so smart! And cute! She’s got it all!

    Love the new O’s. I used to put Cam in O’s but I never had quite the bounty as you.

  2. I’m crying! I wish I was there to see all of these milestones.

    I do love the new o’s. She’s rockin’ the look!

    Yes, we too have many photos of the boys reaching out to grab the camera just as you push the button.

    She’s a beautiful girl, Jess. We’re all so proud of you. Your a good Mama!

  3. p.s. I love your Daily…maybe’s!

  4. Where is today’s fashion show?

  5. Gee wizz Sara, hold your slacks lady!!
    I guess this is one way to keep em coming back;)

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